Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Neglected My Life

So while I'm procrastinating, I thought I'd share an update. My life is in utter chaos right now. I'm taking 16 hours of really difficult classes on the main campus, and trying to finish a 3 hour calculus in independent study. My major is now chemical engineering/biomedical engineering/pre-med. I'm also going to get a minor in Arabic. I'm taking my bellydance class, and have now moved up from introductory level to beginner level, which means that I will begin to perform at festivals and restaurants sometime in the spring, maybe March. More on that will come later.

In short, I really don't have much time to peruse stores in search of the perfect shoe or dress. Maybe I'll see something in the window at Shoetopia while I'm on my way to Starbucks to get my desperately needed caffeine fix (which will no longer happen, since I realized that my diet sucks), but in general I'm terribly busy.

But I will try to update this more often, and in lieu of an entry with a ton of shoes, I offer you my go-to shoe for instant it-girl status:

Impereal by Steve Madden ($90 at Piperlime)