Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chemistry Test + Desperate Need of Coffee

This is a quick post. As I was searching for definitions of Bronsted-Lowry acids and bases, I remembered this ring, which was on an Elastic Waist post back in April. I think I should buy it eventually because I'll be needing it for the next 4 years of Hell, also known as the College of Engineering, Also known as the number one recruiter of the College of Business.

Caffeine Ring, $180 by Muscovie Design

In the past, I've also boycotted Starbucks, but I think they've put crack into their coffee, because I'm addicted to it. It's also expensive to begin with, but they also charge you for each shot of syrup you put in, and the different types of milk, but I am an engineering student, and it's rough. I'm just tempted to start buying bagged coffee and just brew it myself now and limit myself to Starbucks only on test days. In the meantime, get a Starbucks card for yourself, customize it, and get free shots of syrup, soy milk, and 2 hours of internet access for no extra charge.

Only at Starbucks: my personal license to be high-maintenance.


shoeaddict said...

I love that ring! I love unique jewelry. I don't like coffee though. I do drink teas at Starbucks when I'm there but I'm not addicted.

Did you buy the ring?