Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Love Affair with Irregular Choice

I bought the most fabulous pair of shoes when I was a sophomore in high school. They were metallic purple leather kitten-heel sling-backs, made by Irregular Choice. I wore them with jeans, and I practically clicked my heels together in the hallways at school. I felt like a punk rock Cinderella in them, and loved them dearly and cared for them so well that they did not have a single nick on them.

Then, one day, I couldn't find the right shoe. I kept the left one for a month, hoping that it would turn up and I could wear the glorious shoes again. I found it in the back yard in the middle of August, the purple leather faded by the harsh southern sun into a dull silver. Tears began to form in the corner of my eyes, and then I bit my lower lip and tossed both of them.

Shoes and lingerie had disappeared quite frequently at that time, only to be found chewed up by our baby Boston Terrier, whom I affectionally named Coco out of her insatiable desire for the finer things in life. Thankfully, I have broken her of the shoe chewing habit, but the laundry room is off limits for her, because I never know when I will find a lime green lace thong behind the couch when company calls, but I will never forgive her for pilfering that right purple shoe. In honor of that shoe, I present 5 pairs of shoes (all under $100) that I am absolutely in love with.

Duchess by Irregular Choice ($70.88 at 6pm.com)

Courting by Irregular Choice ($81.00 at 6pm.com)
Baja by Irregular Choice ($70.20 at 6pm.com)Shanghai by Irregular Choice ($60.75 at 6pm.com)
Aemelia by Irregular Choice ($41.98 at Amazon)


ann said...

ooh i absolutely adore irregular choice. i have a pair of kitten heels that has as measuring tape rosette on the toes. totally punk rock cinderella. i'm glad i found your site via the POP project!