Monday, August 4, 2008

Vintage Pretty

I don't believe that I can quite express how much I dislike weddings. The creamy parchment, the spidery handwriting, and finally the dark embossed print on a sheet of vellum terrifies me as I open an invitation. The honour of my presence is requested. Immediately I begin to feel as if I should send them a blender and get it over with, but go I must. Really my biggest problem with weddings is that I always end up overdressed or underdressed and can never tell the dress code by the invitation.

My mother, however, always knows exactly what to wear to weddings and various social events because her mother taught her proper etiquette for everything. She always looked flawless for weddings, so I thought I'd look at photos of her back in the day and figure out what is proper for a Sunday morning wedding at a country club in mother at age 19

I think for a morning wedding, it should be somewhat conservative and it should definitely be pastel-colored. It'll be quite warm in September, so I don't want anything heavy or long-sleeved. I found this silk dress from Anthropologie, and fell in love with it. I can wear it again too, because this is the kind of dress I would wear to meet his mother. It's polite and sweet with a whisper of innocence.

Quotidian Dress by Fleurwood ($168 at Anthropologie)


Elizabeth said...

This dress is beautiful. Darn Anthropologie for always being so tempting. said...

We second your thoughts on wedding etiquette...and dress choice! You can't go wrong on either with a "whisper of innocence." (That or a hearty glass of wine, but that's just us.)
xo, C&C

tig said...

The photo of your mother is delightful, and the dress from Anthropologie looks like a great choice.