Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wildly Plush Bank Account

That's it. I've just woken up with a wildly plush bank account. What do I do with it, Sarah wants to know. I experienced this on a small scale last week, and I did about three things.

1. I bought the new MacBook Air. Yes darlings, I got the new MacBook Air. Yes you read that right. I bought the thinnest laptop in the world.
2. I added Beginning Arabic I to my schedule.
3. I bought a pair of dance shoes so I no longer have to bellydance barefoot.

Wildly Plush:

1. I would have founded my own University that didn't just raise billions of dollars from private donors to just build new buildings while hiking up tuition 10% per year.
2. UNICEF: they help kids all over the world combat poverty, hunger, violence, AIDS/HIV, and illiteracy.
3. Central Asia Institute: If you haven't read Three Cups of Tea, do so now!
4. Save Darfur
5. Kiva: Users give entrepreneurs all over the world loans starting at $25.
6. Pay off my student loans.
7. Move out of my mom's house.
8. Have a homes in Paris and New York.
9. Make sure that every home I own has its own library.
10. Set up college funds for my niece and nephews.
11. Travel to France, Spain, Israel, Italy, and Egypt.
12. Make sure that my parents are taken care of as they get older.
13. A closet of nice clothing, some designer, some not, but I definitely would want to be treated to a private viewing and fitting of Christian Lacroix couture like in What Not to Wear.
14. One of those Artisan Kitchen-Aid Mixers
15. A Bottle of Dom Perignon for my 21st birthday so I can make a toast to my fabulous self.


Rae of Sunshine said...

I love that you included the Kitchen-Aid mixer amongst all the glamorous and larger scale dreams. I love those things! I can't choose between bullet or baby blue...but red is nice too.